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>. On Behalf Of Anders Sandberg

>.I think one could capture a lot of simple rules as a kind of
satisfiability problem. For example, you want your colors to match. Matching
is not just everything having the same color, but a game where colors are
supposed to contrast or complement each other.- Dr Anders Sandberg

There is a scientist at Lockheed who wrote a PhD thesis at Stanford in about
the late 60s which led eventually to the control system for THAAD and
indirectly to all body-to-body contact anti-missile technology.  So if
missiles are ever fired in anger, good chance that technology could knock it
down, save cities, countless lives, and no one will know this one guy who
invented it was sailing uncharted waters alone, way back when computers
filled a room.  Of course he is considered a God with a capital G around
that place for all controls types.  This guy is still around, I think
semi-retired now, but he is easy to spot: most of the time he comes to work
in white shirt, white pants, white shoes, and on cold days, white coat.  Of
course no one else will dress like that; it would be considered arrogance,
pretending to be God.
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