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On 17/05/2013 12:26, Anders Sandberg wrote:
> I think one could capture a lot of simple rules as a kind of 
> satisfiability problem. For example, you want your colors to match. ...

Here is a simple example, a list of rules of
The rules stated would be:

"Dominant shirt colour must be present in tie pattern"
"Bonus/penalty if tie is darker/lighter than shirt"
"Correlation length of shirt pattern should be dissimilar to correlation 
length of tie pattern"
"Width of tie should be within X% of shirt collar and jacket lapel"

I'm pretty certain I could program these into a constraint satisfaction 
system fairly easily, assuming the data was given.

(the tie dimple and length advice are essentially instructions for how 
to tie the tie, and equate to a choice of knot and, based on that, a 
starting position along the tie. The resulting tie length is mainly due 
to the knot type and can be precalculated. There is a whole 
nano-subfield of knot theory about tie knots, where I hope to get a 
publication later this year...)

Of course, this is all about fairly standard business wear. It doesn't 
tell you when to wear your sarong (although no doubt there are 
Indonesian fashion experts who could add those rules). And context 
matters: when giving a television interview, avoid high frequency 
stripes (less of a problem now, but once tended to cause major flicker).

Anders Sandberg,
Future of Humanity Institute
Oxford Martin School
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