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>.Here is a simple example, a list of rules of thumb:
The rules stated would be:

Excellent Anders, thanks!  This site is really helpful.  A few questions


>."Dominant shirt colour must be present in tie pattern"


It doesn't actually define the term dominant shirt.  Extrapolating from the
definition of dominant term in a polynomial, they mean your largest shirt.
OK so I know what color that one is, but I don't wear it often because it
doesn't fit well.  I would think they would restrict their interest to
whatever shirt or shirts one is wearing at the time, perhaps the outermost
shirt, even if that one isn't actually the largest.


>."Bonus/penalty if tie is darker/lighter than shirt"


Excellent suggestion.  I never thought about it, but my bride apparently
has, for she is the one who buys my ties.  I do tend to grab one at random.

>."Correlation length of shirt pattern should be dissimilar to correlation
length of tie pattern"


This suggestion needs further explanation in terms of correlation

>."Width of tie should be within X% of shirt collar and jacket lapel" Anders


We would need to define where to measure the width.  I would assume maximum
width of all given parameters without further information.


Our computers and phones have cameras in them now.  It seems like we should
be able to stand in front of it and have it use some set of criteria, then
tell us 'good to go' or 'lose that revolting charteuse tie,' etc.  We could
show it all our clothing and let it make suggestions depending on the
occasion, which it knows too, since the occasion is written in the calendar
app.  It would be Silicon Eye for the Straight Guy.



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