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>>.Our computers and phones have cameras in them now.  It seems like we
should be able to stand in front of it and have it use some set of criteria,
then tell us 'good to go' or 'lose that revolting charteuse tie,' etc.  We
could show it all our clothing and let it make suggestions depending on the
occasion, which it knows too, since the occasion is written in the calendar
app.  It would be Silicon Eye for the Straight Guy.

>.Love that name. 

>.Ooh! Just found this paper: "Hi, Magic Closet, Tell Me What to Wear!"
Wow. It seems to do almost all you wish for. I especially like that they use
latent variable mining of example clothes: those formal rules we started
with are just the tip of the style iceberg, and this way the system can in
principle learn implicit and unwritten rules, even rules no style guru has
ever articulated.--  Anders Sandberg,

Anders at some time decades in the future, some post-singularity normal
person will discover this thread, post it to the world as an example of how
geeks discuss fashion.  You and I will be the poster children.
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