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>...For me the best part of the paper is at the start, when they write the
first trial was a failure because the reactor went out of control and just
melted the steel tube container...

That result in itself points to fraud actually.  They went on about how the
temperature kept mysteriously fluctuating.  So if it is so mysterious, how
is it they are controlling it?  Why are the details on the controls so
sketchy?  Why did it go so high as to melt the steel tube?  That sounds
reeeeaaally far fetched to me.

>...And another interesting part is when they write they will do another
test this summer, long around 100 days...

Again suspicious.  If any of us had observed anything like this, we would be
dropping eeeeverything else in our lives and laboring over this 24/7 to the
limits of our physical endurance.  The next test would be not this summer,
not next week, we would be racing for the next test NOW dammit NOW get
going, recruit your friends and colleagues, lets GO this is the most
exciting thing since you discovered SEX lets GO, etc.

>I just think some one is too much invested in PV panels to conceive the
idea that, just maybe, there could be something true and maybe someone could
have discovered something new (not very new - just very overlooked).  Mirco

Mirco, it isn't that really.  I just have never figured any vaguely
plausible way for nuclear particles to be seriously influenced by electrons,
even taking into account quantum weirdness and all the stuff I just don't
understand about that.  The nuclear particles are way in there doing what
they do, and the electrons, which is all of chemistry, just fluff around out
where they do their thing.  The two just don't play together much.  If a
wild exception is found, I am confident it would show up in our equations
long before anyone stumbled across it in the lab.


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