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>> ...For me the best part of the paper is at the start, when they write the
> first trial was a failure because the reactor went out of control and just
> melted the steel tube container...

> That result in itself points to fraud actually.

So an exploding steam engine would point to fraud in the XVIII-XIX century?

> They went on about how the temperature kept mysteriously fluctuating.

How do you control the reaction inside a solid state rocket?
Or a campfire?

You drop a log every time the fire start to go too much down.
You do not drop all the logs on the fire and regulate the O2.

Dafkalion have devices working in the same way  in a much more limited
way. Probably because they, also, are unable to totally control the
reaction and must design reactors unable to runaway.

> So if it is so mysterious, how
> is it they are controlling it?  Why are the details on the controls so
> sketchy?  Why did it go so high as to melt the steel tube?  That sounds
> reeeeaaally far fetched to me.

The researchers were not there to "control the reaction" just to made
measures to see if the device energy output is greater than input and
how much.
Basically, from my understanding, Rossi made the reactor available,
switched it on, and left the room and was outside for all the time but
available in case of need.

And the HT e-cat was just developed last summer.
No surprise someone didn't work as expected.

>> ...And another interesting part is when they write they will do another
> test this summer, long around 100 days...
> Again suspicious.  If any of us had observed anything like this, we would be
> dropping eeeeverything else in our lives and laboring over this 24/7 to the
> limits of our physical endurance.

Do you must continue to work earn your paycheck, children need food and
shoes and wife must be kept happy.
You have no clue how Rossi did it or just not enough to be able to
progress independently. Probably you do not have the resources to
compete. So, you make sure to be up to date and available when the
chance happen to participate.

> The next test would be not this summer,
> not next week, we would be racing for the next test NOW dammit NOW get
> going, recruit your friends and colleagues, lets GO this is the most
> exciting thing since you discovered SEX lets GO, etc.

Well, this is what you (and me) would LIKE to do.
But Rossi have other priorities.
And your friend would think you are nut and gullible.

> Mirco, it isn't that really.  I just have never figured any vaguely
> plausible way for nuclear particles to be seriously influenced by electrons,

If I talked you about rounds of zinc copper and paper soacked with brine
in the 1800 and told you it could change the alignment of a compass you
would had called me nut.

And they would not, if not properly assembled.

If a was able to enrich uranium in the XIX century, I would be able to
give you a yellow sand that is hot but not burn. And you would call me a
fraud because it was impossible.

> even taking into account quantum weirdness and all the stuff I just don't
> understand about that.

Well, I believe Rossi do not completely understand it also.
Just as Volta didn't fully understand the voltaic pile.

> The nuclear particles are way in there doing what
> they do, and the electrons, which is all of chemistry, just fluff around out
> where they do their thing.  The two just don't play together much.  If a
> wild exception is found, I am confident it would show up in our equations
> long before anyone stumbled across it in the lab.

But your equations are a description of the world (a simplified
description of the world), they are not the world.

When Rossi went to Focardi to ask advices (because he was not obtaining
results), he asked if his theory was wrong. Focardi told him "there is
nothing wrong in it, continue to try". And Rossi, as he recount, found a
way. I was a little difference of temperature at first. And he continued
to refine the process until it become a large difference of temperature.

I'm pretty convinced that, if we were in the XIX century, we would had
some e-cat around to play now. But the current environment is different.
Rossi can not sell me an e-cat, even if I'm willing to risk to use a
prototype. The first cars were too insecure for modern standard. Wall
Mart, or Home Depot will not sell anything without security
certification and a lot of cover from lawsuits. And certificators will
not certificate anything without months of continuous use under the belt.

But, in the end, who cares what we think?
Elforsk has allocated around 230,000 euros each year, for the next three
years for further investigations according to ECW.


So they have found something interesting in it.


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