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On Saturday, May 25, 2013 2:51 PM Anders Sandberg <anders at aleph.se> wrote:
On 2013-05-25 18:52, Mirco Romanato wrote:
>>> Their comments are also rather
>>> sceptical, essentially boiling down to that exactly what is going on
>>> cannot be determined until they are allowed to look inside. They did
>>> their testing, that's it.
>> And come out without noticing any sign of fraud?
> I think it was Randi who pointed out that scientists and engineers
> are  *really bad* at detecting fraud. They normally deal with
> systems where there is no intention to fool the viewer, so they
> fall for the most trivial tricks. This is why Randi, a magician,
> easily uncovered many cases of fakery that left invited experts
> dumbfounded.

That's an important point. I think detecting fraud is a skill in itself and requires honing and experience. Randi was good at this because his being a magician in a way involves fooling people (in a benign way, since they want to be fooled as a form of entertainment:).

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