[ExI] Cold fusion paper

Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Mon May 27 19:45:48 UTC 2013

Il 26/05/2013 17:02, spike ha scritto:

> I know the classic argument: the theories could be wrong, being just
> maps rather than the territory.  But the notion of cold fusion as has
> been promoted would be an error of the magnitude of a city the size of
> Calcutta existing somewhere in Wyoming, having been overlooked or
> omitted by all the mapmakers everywhere everywhen.

Maybe the current notion of cold fusion is wrong and ether is some other
phenomenon not easily produced naturally.

If I remember correctly, the first time the idea of LASER was proposed
to the founders of quantum mechanics by a young students/resercher they
laugh at him and told him he didn't understand how quantum mechanics worked.

> If it existed out
> there, one would expect occasional anomalous observations to signal a
> problem with the maps.

And apparently there are, but if the bias is to ignore them or explain
them as experimental errors, random incidents, etc. you will not find
anything new.

When Fleming found mold over his petri dishes, he didn't throw out the
dishes, he put them under the microscope. If he trowed out the dishes,
there would not be antibiotics.

> It’s bogus Tomaz, phony as a three dollar bill.  Don’t invest in it.

In scientific literature there are a lot of strange episodes, in the
last century, involving metals and hydrogen. But until no one put the
dots together, avoid the hubris to know what is happening (F&P big
mistake) and running around before having the ability to replicate the
experiment, things do not progress.

Now, apart for Rossi, we have this:

A scam this also?


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