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>.The only real question is, whether there is a combination of any
(non-radioactive) metal and hydrogen (or some other light stuff) which
yields to some significant nuclear reactions under "normal, room"


Chemical reactions are very well understood.  We know the chemical energies
contained in the bonds, we understand the ground state chemicals, we know
for sure there is not some mysterious form of energy lurking somewhere that
does not require converting mass to energy.  Any vast untapped energy source
will need to involve nuclei.  That's where the mass is.


>.Very likely that there isn't. But maybe it is.


Nuclear reactions have a signature because of the quantities we know are
conserved: mass can become energy (that's the goal), spin is conserved since
that is angular momentum at the subatomic level, charge is conserved,
momentum is conserved, strangeness is not conserved for some unknown reason
which led to that characteristic being called strangeness, parity is
conserved and there are others (but I need to review my textbooks on that.)
The conserved quantities provide us a general map to what reactions will
release energy.


I know the classic argument: the theories could be wrong, being just maps
rather than the territory.  But the notion of cold fusion as has been
promoted would be an error of the magnitude of a city the size of Calcutta
existing somewhere in Wyoming, having been overlooked or omitted by all the
mapmakers everywhere everywhen.  If it existed out there, one would expect
occasional anomalous observations to signal a problem with the maps.


It's bogus Tomaz, phony as a three dollar bill.  Don't invest in it.



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