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John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Fri May 31 19:30:27 UTC 2013

I remember being at the Missionary Training Center for the LDS Church in
Provo, Utah, and discussing with the other trainees, about what languages
they were learning, and which were the most challenging.  Korean seemed to
top the list, due to pronunciation and tonal inflections.  I have a pilot
friend who spent two years as a church volunteer in Korea, and he told me
that new missionaries could quite easily accidentally say something very
embarrassing, to the delight of the Korean church members.  Spike, if you
want your son to *really* be proficient in a language, have him convert! LOL

Spike wrote:
If that isn't what he said, it sure sounded like that.  Spanish is really
good for sounding sexy.  My fear is that if my son learns Spanish and goes
around the high school making comments like that one, he will spend his high
school years copulating rather than studying.

A goodhearted nerd having a Don Juan for a son!  The horrors!!!  I can just
imagine you tearing through his room, with your wife chasing after you,
demanding to know if you are looking for drugs or porn, "No, Shelly!"  "I
am looking for RosettaStone Spanish language learning dvd's or software!"
; )  And when I hear your son is headed to community college on a full
scholarship, I will think, "poor Spike, he failed, and so because of his
boy's relatively low 3.5 gpa, due to never studying, and also from getting
several girl's pregnant (the babies adopted by MIT alumni, who could not
have children of their own), the kid has ruined his future!"  He will go on
to only become a Silicon Valley billionaire in the single digits, but oh,
so much lost potential, due to chasing skirts! lol

You will go to your grave/dewar thinking about what could have been, if
only you could have kept him away from the carnal temptations, which come
from learning the accursed language of seducers, Spanish!

It just occurred to me, I should start studying Spanish...

John  ; )

P.S.  In Mormon singles circles, guys who speak Spanish are a dime a dozen,
due to the missionary program, but if a man can speak French, the women
just melt...  All my pals who served French missions did very well when it
came to finding a very "easy on the eyes" wife.  Spike, add French to your
list of contraband languages, which your son must not learn! lol

But I will say this, if an alpha male gringo in a Mormon singles group (and
these are big groups) speaks Spanish, and there is a very
beautiful/wonderful Mexican/Latin-American gal there, they do tend to
gravitate to each other.  And this sort of thing does create some
controversy among parents (and even peers), when they want their children
to marry within their culture/race.  But even church leaders have to
concede that they cannot stop young people from dating and marrying whom
they choose, well, unless they are romantically pursuing non-members, which
then results in a top notch guilt trip! lol
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