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Fri May 31 22:54:51 UTC 2013

I haven't followed this thread closely, but with children I've heard exposure to sounds from other languages at an early age helps them to be able to produce sounds in that language. (As a native English speaker with limited fluency in German and Norwegian, I've come across problems being able to discern and reproduce sounds that aren't typical of my idiolect or of the dialects I'm most familiar with. Madarin is a good example of this, where I've taken pains to pick up a few words and phrases and both discerning and producing the sounds. This involves much attention. I never pursued it for long because of the effort -- versus, say, the effort of trying to become more fluent in French or Italian.) This would only help, of course, with sound perception and not with vocabulary and grammar. Wasn't there a company that did the sort of "Baby Mozart" thing for this (different sounds)?

Please forgive me if all of you have covered this.

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