[ExI] Meditations on the million year mind.

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> >... The outcome for that is certain: information-theoretic death. Several
> people on this list, who all hoped that uploading will become available are
> now carbon dioxide. Frankly, you're next...

>From what I understand, you're likely to go well before me.

> Oh now that's just cold.  Adrian is a young healthy guy, a perfect example
> of the kind of person who will weigh the cost of health insurance vs the
> price of the tax penalty for not having it, then opt out.

Not with the putting of words in my oratory emitter, please.  :P

(As it happens, I don't have that choice.  Health insurance is provided on
my behalf by multiple sources.  I do not have the option to refuse, and
even if I did, refusal would not benefit me: the money diverted to paying
for it would not otherwise be added to my income.  But that's my particular
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