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> Default and the debt ceiling are two separate issues.


> > The government can easily pay its debts


> > and of course, it should.


> > Increasing the debt ceiling, for the 79th time, is a whole different
> thing.

Yes, it's one more than 78. Every dime spent by government was authorized
and voted on by the House of Representatives and every tax was also
authorized and voted on by the House of Representatives, they knew at the
time that those 2 things were not equal so the only way to pay for the
things THAT THEY ALREADY VOTED TO BUY, is to borrow money. And now in the
name of fiscal responsibility they are going to break their word and refuse
to do what they promised to do.

>There is absolutely no need to do it:


> They could just stop spending too much, for example by instituting
> immediate across the
> board cuts in all appropriations, including the DoD, various
> "entitlements"

The cost to run the DoD is trivial compared with entitlements (social
security, Medicare, veterans benefits, etc). You could argue, and I would
too, that the entitlements should never have been instituted in the first
place, but the fact is they were and so like it or not they are the law of
the land, and until the law is changed legally those debts are just as
legitimate as any other debts. So will the law be changed? To do that a
RADICAL bill would have to be passed by both houses and signed by the
president, and there is zero chance of that happening. Let me be clear, I'm
not saying the chances are almost zero I am saying they are ZERO. Those
programs are very popular, so even the republican imbeciles who are
screaming the loudest would vote against eliminating social security or
Medicare or veterans benefits because the most rabid tea party voters back
in their home districts tend to be old and they want the government to stop
handing out money to everybody EXCEPT to people just like them.

So yes we don't live in a libertarian paradise and we are so many light
years from it that there is virtually no chance of getting there from here;
so we must settle for something less and our present system, despite its
many many faults, is one hell of a lot better than the worldwide economic
chaos that would result in the government of the USA defaulting on its
legal debts for the first time in history, and unless the Republicans find
a brain that is exactly what is going to happen just 7 days from today.

 John K Clark
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