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>.Every dime spent by government was authorized and voted on by the House of
Representatives and every tax was also authorized and voted on by the House
of Representatives, they knew at the time that those 2 things were not equal
so the only way to pay for the things THAT THEY ALREADY VOTED TO BUY, is to
borrow money.

Or vote to buy less now.  Waaaaay less now.  Scale back almost everything
the government is doing, not by choice but because we have used up our
credit rating.  

>.And now in the name of fiscal responsibility they are going to break their
word and refuse to do what they promised to do.  John K Clark


They promised to do what they cannot do.  In the early 2000s, the congress
bet the economy would grow enough to accommodate the wild spending spree of
those heady days.  The economy didn't grow at the assumed pace.  Now we must
face up to the bills that were run up during that period.  This is the
democrat's big chance to say It's all Bush's fault.  They would be right
this time, or half right.  They have already borrowed our Social Security
savings and spent it without means to repay, so those of our generation are
screwed when we reach retirement age.  What do we mortgage next?  

Overspending is unpatriotic, it represents a threat to national security, a
failure in leadership.  Our current president could read off his
teleprompter word for word the speech he made in 2006, for it is more true
now than it was then.  Instead he disowns it.  Why?  Instead, congress
brings in another far bigger wild overspending program.


At some point, the US will go into massive default.  It only gets worse the
longer we wait.





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