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>.That's all well and good Spike and I agree with much of what you say, but
right now I'm not interested in the long term, I'm far far more interested
in the lurking catastrophe that is set to strike in just 7 days if we break
our promise and don't pay for things that we already bought.

  John K Clark.


They are not going to default John.  There are contingencies they haven't
told us about.  There's still a lot of gold in Ft. Knox that belongs to the
government, strategic oil reserves that can be sold.  Why the hell are we
still be stockpiling physical gold?  They can furlough indefinitely those
government employees currently on furlough.  Some leave for other
employment, so it cuts the budget by brute force.  


These are all unpalatable options of course, but plenty of the bad choices
in front of us are better than defaulting.  This default talk is meant to
scare, political posturing all of it.  The 2016 presidential election is one
of those unusual chaotic times like 2008 when there is likely to be no
incumbent in the race.  Ted Cruz is already running for president, Paul Ryan
is running, Rand Paul, Joe Biden, Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Darrell Issa,
possibly even Harry Reid and John Boehner, a bunch of others are trying to
find a way to wrangle a political advantage anticipating a run for the White
House, struggling to not let a perfectly good crisis go to waste.  None of
these guys are going to risk a run on the banks, or any of that really bad
stuff they said could happen if the fed defaults.  They won't default.




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