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Sat Oct 12 14:28:02 UTC 2013

On Fri, Oct 11, 2013 spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:

> They are not going to default John.

They are unless House Republicans learn to become potty trained in the next
6 days or so.

> There are contingencies they haven’t told us about.  There’s still a lot
> of gold in Ft. Knox

So destroying the world currency, the US dollar, isn't enough and you also
want to collapse the price of gold by dumping thousands of tons on the
market overnight. I don't think there is an economist on the planet who
would agree with your economic views, like that the government refusing to
pay it's bills would be a good thing, or causing interest rates to
skyrocket like never before seen in history in a sluggish economy with no
hint of inflation is a really good idea.

Another interesting effect is that it will cause the president to do
something illegal no matter what he does; if he does nothing then he is
failing to uphold the law (like social security or Medicare) that he has
sworn to enforce, if he raises the debt ceiling on his own he is claiming
powers the law says he does not have. Maybe that's all part of the retarded
Republican plan, so after the debt catastrophe and in the middle of all
that incredible chaos they will impeach the first black president.

Maybe Eugine was right after all about doomsday arriving very soon.

> This default talk is meant to scare,

Anyone who thinks default is just scare talk doesn't understand the

> The 2016 presidential election is one of those unusual chaotic times like
> 2008 when there is likely to be no incumbent in the race.  Ted Cruz is
> already running for president, Paul Ryan is running, Rand Paul, [...]
> John Boehner,

If we hit default none of those people, or any other Republican, has a
snowball's chance in hell of ever becoming president.   The successor to
Barack Obama will be whoever gets the Democratic nomination and the actual
November 2016 election day will just be a formality rubber stamping the
inevitable. The only good thing coming from default is that the kamikaze
attack on the economy will destroy the Republican party too, and it will go
the way of the Wig or Federalist party.

 > They won’t default. [...] political posturing all of it.

The only reason the markets haven't melted down already is that they think
it's just political posturing and Republicans can't possibly be as dumb as
they seem to be. But my fear is that they really can be that dumb.

  John k Clark
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