[ExI] This is one amazing robot!

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>.They've got horse-grade locomotion figured out in outdoor lab
environments, yeah.  Now if they can work on the power source and productize

The power source sounds to me like two independent two-stroke IC motors.  My
guess is that they chose that for space and weight minimization.  Good
chance they could go to four-stroke ICs and get it a little quieter and less

The path forward is clear enough to see: mechanical horse racing:
traditional Kentucky Derby style (wouldn't that be cool to see?) racing over
rough terrain that wheeled vehicles cannot handle, racing on ice, racing
over mixed cross country/street conditions, oh this will be fun to watch.
Look at how much money we dump into NASCAR and Indy racers.  Even for big
fans such as me, it does get a little boring.  But I would pay good money to
watch mechanical horses gallop around, get them to jump over stuff like the
steeple chase they used to have in the Olympics, that sort of thing, maybe
polo on mechanical horses, or mechanical guys playing polo on real horses,
or mechanical guys riding mechanical horses doing old-time
Monte-Python-esque jousting.

Is this a fun time to be alive or what?




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