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WAVE & longevity advocacy: Sep 28th meeting summary

*Here’s a belated update on the small ZS London meeting which was held on
Saturday September 28th, 2013:*

It was a very small meeting, as advertised – technically anyone was
welcome, but in the end we decided on a small get-together for a handful of
friends and associates to discuss a few in-depth ideas and plan future
activity. We felt that it was more important to discuss a few key plans
amongst ourselves rather than try to address interested members of the
general public, on this particular occasion. The planned outline of our
discussion can be found at: http://www.longevityday.org/united-kingdom.html

The key points we discussed on the day are given below:

*1.* One of the most energetic areas associated with Futurism,
Transhumanism, & Singularitarianism is that of longevity research and
advocacy. While Zero State has not run any kind of longevity research or
advocacy project up until this point, we intend to set up a group to
explore the possibility of supporting longevity activism led by other
organizations, with particular emphasis upon those which are affiliated
with the broader Wave movement for positive social change through
technology (of which ZS is a part).

*2.* This new ZS life extension group will consider longevity and cryonics
research to be complementary, despite the fact that the two concerns are
often not shared equally by individual activists and researchers. In short,
while we acknowledge that there are many unresolved questions about the
viability of cryonics, we believe that cryonics should be seriously
explored as an option for those who are unfortunately unable to reap the
benefits of breakthroughs in longevity science.

*3.* We discussed ideas associated with The Praxis, which is a set of
techno-spiritual ideas put forth in a book of the same name by Dirk Bruere.
The main thrust of that book is that religious themes are recapitulated by
technological possibilities, and that ideas such as immortality and even
resurrection can still act as the centre of vibrant communities without
resorting to unnecessary religious mysticism. This has particular relevance
to cryonics, since a suspended cryonics patient needs people to work toward
their re-animation, and we could reasonably expect a spiritual community to
be more durable and dedicated than even the links in a family chain (or
indeed an insurance company).

*4.* It is intended that The Praxis – as a living network of communities –
will be connected with Zero State by common affiliation with the Wave
movement. Wave is a very new development, essentially a network of
like-minded organizations dedicated to positive social change through
technology. Wave won’t be officially launched until next year, but the
groundwork is being laid now. This is particularly relevant to longevity
activism, because a significant part of our discussion (and one of the
reasons this was a small meeting) was about a particular longevity advocacy
organization being one of the initial founding groups affiliated to the
Wave movement. I cannot make any announcements about the details of that
now, but hope to do so soon.

*In short, Zero State is evolving to become part of something larger and
even more exciting, and that process is marked by a new engagement with
longevity activism.* We’re very excited about this, and hope to become a
significant part of the movement to defeat ageing over the next few years,
particularly through vigorous support of other organizations.

Amon Kalkin
WAVE: Positive Social Change Through Technology
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