[ExI] A Gedanken Rational Eugenics Experiment (AGREE)

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>. On Behalf Of Anders Sandberg

>.Well, as a drug user with decent IQ (
) I don't feel much desire to be sterilized. But then again, my likelihood
of getting an offspring is pretty microscopic. Dr Anders Sandberg



So very tragic is this, Anders.  Any time you wish to remedy this
unacceptable situation, I propose we get the stunning Kari Byron as an egg
donor and you as the Y chromosome provider, under which conditions my bride
would cheerfully volunteer to supply the drug-free smoke-free alcohol-free
womb, as well as a loving nurturing home for at least two decades if not
more, along with a kind-hearted older brother, and permanent visitation
rights extended to you and of course Ms. Byron.


Do forgive my recent obsession.  The new season of MythBusters just came out
on video, and our family has been enjoying her.  THEM I meant, heh heh,
enjoying the VIDEOS of course is what I meant ahem moving right along...
That young lady is just as stunning at age 39 as she was at 27.  She doesn't
age!  She doesn't get all full of herself.  She gets smarter with each
episode, and it isn't even an act or a script.  Or if so, it is only lightly
scripted.  MythBusters is the very best TV show ever made.




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