[ExI] A Gedanken Rational Eugenics Experiment (AGREE)

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> >...Well, as a drug user with decent IQ (http://news.sky.com/story/1147488/smart-drug-modafinil-risks-student-health  ) I don't feel much desire to be sterilized. But then again, my likelihood of getting an offspring is pretty microscopic...  Dr Anders Sandberg
> So very tragic is this, Anders.  Any time you wish to remedy this 
> unacceptable situation, I propose we get the stunning Kari Byron as an 
> egg donor and you as the Y chromosome provider, under which conditions 
> my bride would cheerfully volunteer to supply the drug-free smoke-free 
> alcohol-free womb, as well as a loving nurturing home for at least two 
> decades if not more, along with a kind-hearted older brother, and 
> permanent visitation rights extended to you and of course Ms. Byron.


Yes, Mythbusters is great - because it shows people creating and testing 
things. We need more of that. This is why I can't stand most 
documentaries: they usually show people having opinions or describing 
scenarios, rather than checking against reality. And of course, 
everything is more fun with a bit of explosions.

In a sense Mythbusters is doing memetic eugenics, spreading good memes 
widely in the memepool.

Dr Anders Sandberg
Future of Humanity Institute
Oxford Martin School
Oxford University

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