[ExI] Silence in the sky-but why?

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>.Do you know how the discovery of the first extrasolar planet went? It's an
interesting tale


>.[editorial note: I am writing this based on an interview on a printed
astronomy magazine many years ago, so details like the star's name and the
astronomer affiliations might be wrong. And I am unable to find references
to it on any web page. But the gist of the story should hold anyway]


>.During the 1990s, a team of Californian astronomers was collecting Doppler
data of hundreds of stars. The idea was that, should a planet orbit the
star, the planet's gravity will induce a small sinusoidal .Alfio




Alfio, this was indeed a cool story, and I recall the article.  If we are
talking about the same one, it was in about spring of 2000, and was mostly
about Marcy and Butler's team.  Oh my that was a time to be living, if one
is into this sort of thing (I am bigtime) the 1990s when they started
hauling in the discoveries of that which most of us felt certain had to be
there somewhere.  After that, the space guys started talking about the
spacecraft which would later become Kepler, the mission which BALL AEROSPACE
would SCREW UP for us and RUIN our fun, curse those lousy bastards but I
digress, and oh my that was a time to be alive, was it not?



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