[ExI] How Electricity Became a Luxury Good

Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Wed Sep 11 15:22:15 UTC 2013

Il 11/09/2013 09:16, Eugen Leitl ha scritto:
> On Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 10:17:15PM +0200, Mirco Romanato wrote:
>> Il 10/09/2013 16:14, spike ha scritto:
>>> There is a good possibility we will not start on it until it is too late.
>> Too late for who?
>> It rarely is too late for everyone.
> Empty words, as usual. In a highly connected complex
> system prone to cascading failure there's no containment
> of local degradation. For the moment, our near-term
> future is determined by the decline function of total 
> net energy. Ecosystem carrying capacity decline is
> the next determinant. Long-term, war.

In war there is who is right and who is left, sometimes the definitions

In the same way, an interconnected complex system can overcome failure
if it have adaptive nodes able to adapt to the changing conditions.

For example, years ago, in a discussion with the Gnutella Developers of
applications like Bearshare, Limewire and Gnutella-GTK (and others) they
stated the network was able, when it divided in two half without
connections, to reconnect and reorganize. More nodes were there, faster
the two half would reconnect without any external help.

Freenet was studied and it was able to reorganize and continue to work
even if the attacker was able to kill 90% of the nodes (and was able to
choose the nodes to kill).

The economy is the same type of network, with a lot of redundancy, a lot
of adaptive ability and power. The only problem is the government take a
toll so large they are killing it and preventing it from adapting. But,
less the economy output, less the government power to block it.
Predators go extinct more often than their prey.

It is too late for people that is unable or prevented from adapting to
the changing conditions, it is not too late for the others. Others are
already adapting. Time will tell if they choose the right strategy to adapt.


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