[ExI] Leaked- IPCC's upcoming 5th assessment:THIS IS THE END! (...of AGW Alarmism)

Kevin G Haskell kgh1kgh2 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 16 05:41:56 UTC 2013

> I bring good tidings.

>Not sure who's heard about the leaks from the IPCC from their upcoming
climate assesment on Sept 27th, but they are apparently sharply toning down
their AGW alarmist predictions, if not outright ending them.

>If so, we will have to end with the scare-mongering, negativity, and
profiteering, right?

>To paraphrase General Douglas MacArthur: "Old AGW alarmists never die,
they (should) just fade away." (Or at least their dire need to make it a
'serious' issue worth discussing.)




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