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>.The real test is in getting restaurants to buy these machines. Adrian

The theoretical capability is already there.  This is about implementing in
practice.  Good that someone is trying, though!



NO!  If it pencils out, they will buy.  We will invest in it even.  The real
test, the real make-or-break, is if they figure out a way to allow the
customer to watch the burgers being made, so they get the whole gee-whiz
geek appeal factor.  Adrian, they would suck in guys like us and our friends
around here like nobody's business!  We aren't the only geeks around who
would pay as much or even pay more to watch a machine do stuff for us, and
now that I am on that, imagine a robo-waitress, now wouldn't that be cool?
Has to be humanoid, and sexy.  We would buy the hell outta that place.  I
would even leave her a tip.

It's a race!  Venture capitalists, ready set GO!



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