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>>.The real test is in getting restaurants to buy these machines. Adrian


>.If it pencils out, they will buy.  We will invest in it even.  The real
test, the real make-or-break, is if they figure out a way to allow the
customer to watch the burgers being made, so they get the whole gee-whiz
geek appeal factor.spike

Oh MAN there is money just itching to be made here, money screaming out to
us to be made by us.  If we could rig up some kind of long bar where
customers could sit in stools along either side with glass between them and
the robo-flipper, maybe rig up something that allows you to order with a
keyboard or voice recognition, some kind of thing that washes the thing
after every few burgers, all to where a prole can watch it all happen as his
burger is being made, oh MY!

Challenge for you, me lads.  Go and see some of the goofy business models
that have been tried, that worked in spite of being clearly flawed, such as
In-n-Out, where they tried to intentionally understaff the kitchen under the
theory that there would be a pile of customers standing around (they are
pretty decent burgers) which makes others see and think that they must be
really good, so they join the herd.  Problem, if fast food isn't fast, that
doesn't automatically make it healthy.  It doesn't work indefinitely either,
because time is money.  

Compare with Chik-Fil-A, great food, a little on the spendy side, chicken
fried in light peanut oil.  Set up for handling absurd crowds at lunchtime
quickly.  Problem, the whole appeal to the religious right by closing on
Sunday, hmmm.  Around the Silicon Valley, closing any public-trade business
on Sunday is almost retail malpractice.

Burger King: good food, traditional fast food, needs some kind of snazzy
makeover, some kind of novelty of some kind.

McDonalds, traditional, familiar, good food, ultrathin profit margins, a
little boring perhaps.  They make most of their actual corporate money in
land speculation: plunk down a restaurant in a promising location and wait
for land values to rise while occupying it with a steady if small money
maker, and don't worry about getting rich on the burgers and fries, you

I can imagine the first guy to show up in this environment with a burger
machine will make piles of money so high it will make your butt hurt just to
look at it.

Key: make the robo-burgers to where we can watch it being made and noooobody
visibly working anything, runs 24/7 and isn't it so easy to imagine, HEY
HOMELESS GUY, come on over here, I'll buy you a burger just to watch this
marvelous thing run.  

The novelty factor will slay the competition!  I would drop a few hundred
bucks for a share in that venture.  Wouldn't you?







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