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The hotter the better because the efficiency is better, and 570C is very
hot for solar, conventional nuclear reactors only operate at about 330C;
unfortunately to achieve this high solar heat they needed 600 optically
precise and very expensive heliostats. A first generation LFTR would
operate at 700C which would give a thermal-electric efficiency of 45%
compared with existing solid fuel nuclear reactors which are about 32%. And
as we advanced up the learning curve it would get better, that is to say
hotter; a molten salt reactor operated at 860C for 100 hours as far back as
1954; the liquid Fluoride doesn't boil till 1400C so there is still a huge
safety margin. And although hot it is not under pressure which also helps
with the safety and makes the plumbing much cheaper.

  John K Clark

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