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>...re "To this day, that government has failed to fully own the shame of
that disgraceful affair." - some time ago the UK government said (in perfect
British style;-) that Turing's homosexual lifestyle was illegal at the time,
so legally speaking he deserved punishment. Of course, they distanced
themselves from the UK laws of the 1950s.

Ja, that does not suffice.  The US government had such a crime in its past:
we allowed slavery.  We fought a brutal war against ourselves to end it, and
we won.  That's repudiating a past sin, full-on repentance, complete with
sincere self-flagellation.  We (and Britain, and others) need to recognize
that we have sins in our past, we recognize the legal system was what it
was, but the legal system was wrong then.  By extrapolation, we know there
are things in our legal system that are wrong now.  Our recent nationwide
bitter experience with the IRS is a perfect example.  It needs to be fixed

Wherever and whenever we can, we need to patch things with those who were
wronged in the past and are being wronged today.  

I will temper my next comments with the caveat that it is way outside my
area of expertise and my usual area I follow.  I think gays have made good
progress in acceptance in popular culture in the USA and the part of the
world I know and the historical era in which I live.  From a human rights
standpoint, it appears gays are losing ground in some areas of the world,
but in many important ways, heteros are losing ground there too.  I don't
know what to do on that, but I am always open to suggestion.


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