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>   From a human rights
> standpoint, it appears gays are losing ground in some areas of the world,
> but in many important ways, heteros are losing ground there too.  I don't
> know what to do on that, but I am always open to suggestion.
> spike
> ​To me, homosexuality per se is not the issue.  It's whether the religious
right can pass laws against what they consider sin, against what the
secular people are willing to tolerate.

Clearly Islam is not now and maybe not ever going to give on this issue (or
the Baptists either).  Even among the nonreligious in Asia, for one, some
sins are considered unnatural rather than sins.  "Be fruitful and multiply"
is not only a religious statement - it's an evolutionary statement that is
built into all of us.  So it would seem to most that homosexuals are a
detriment to being fruitful.  But evolutionary theory has shown that
homosexuality can actually​
​ be an asset to the community, and maybe if that is taught in schools (no
time soon, I'll bet) some good will come of it.​

> ​bill w​
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