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>…I'd like to know if there are other such search engines you know of.  Also, is there a reverse engine?  That is, you put in the book's title and you get the characteristics of the book, like war or war, magic or no magic, etc…Bill Wallace



Recall a couple yrs ago or more, we had a discussion on something like this: a product that is to literature as Pandora is to music.  Another way to look at it is a more sophisticated version of Amazon’s People who bought that also bought this.  The problem with Amazon’s approach is that it doesn’t differentiate between books you read for yourself and gifts for others.  


For instance, Amazon keeps recommending all these books on bizarre sexual practices.  All because of my generosity to friends you understand.  I buy them books, now Amazon thinks I am… like… you know…  them, those other guys, my… um… friends, who like that kind of thing.



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