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> Spike, the trick is to get your other friends to order books for your friends, in exchange for you ordering  books for them. So I can order the erotic stuff for your friends so you don't have to be embarrassed, and you can order the lefty political stuff for my friends so I don't have to get adverts for Piketty. 

That's Tor.  Using it will get you and your associated FoaFs on a watchlist. (Not an enumeration of wristworn timepieces)
And if you do it in real life? I know some people who switch fare cards. 
Getting lots of people on watchlists might of course be a fun way of reducing the efficiency of any surveillance system. The bottleneck for them is not getting the information (we can safely assume it is all snarfed up), but to have analysts trying to tell who is just cheeky, paranoid or actually up to no good - or has switched between the categories. That is costly, especially since if you try to automate it you will get machine-generated blind spots that might bite you later. 
The problem is not being on watchlists, but the probability of somebody making the wrong call and actually bringing down trouble on you. I suspect the best remedy against that is actually social capital: if the trouble will be visible and has costs, then they will think twice. Unless it is a different account or department, of course.

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