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On Wed, Aug 20, 2014 at 5:05 AM, BillK <pharos at gmail.com> wrote:
>>... The main problem is the continual creeping loss of freedoms. More and 
> more cases where you have to get permission, certificates, passes...
> from officials. Behaviour becomes more and more restricted until the 
> pressure cooker blows.

>...I agree on the main problem.  I don't think the pressure cooker will
blow (at least not soon)...

Depends on who you ask.  Plenty of the residents of Fergusen Missouri would
argue it has already blown.  It is sad that the minority community, which
already has way too many challenges, has to fight with the constables as

>...Is this view negative because we're pessimists or because reality is
kind of depressing?  Has it gotten worse over 30 years or are we just more
worn-down by it?

Mike what I find most alarming about the last 30 yrs of US history is a
phenomenon where the government is claiming the defendant's advantage.  In
our court system there is an inherent advantage for the defendant, for the
plaintiff must prove the case.  Our laws are getting ever more complicated,
and defense attorney's advantage only increases with time, as we have more
free flow of knowledge on methods of clogging the system and getting the
case dismissed or negotiated (usually a win for the defense.)  

In cases such as the IRS scandal and now other executive branch
bureaucracies, the government just does whatever it wants, then it is up to
the citizen to sue the bureaucracy.  The government has all the defendant
advantages, and notice the citizens are winning very few cases, which are
treated as political and can drag on for years.

In the case of the NSA, their attitude seems to be they can do all the
surveillance they want on anyone they want.  If we don't like it, we are
invited to sue.  This is a dangerous precedent.  What are Germans to do if
the NSA watches them and sells the intel to the German government?


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