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Wed Aug 20 15:58:42 UTC 2014

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In cases such as the IRS scandal and now other executive branch
bureaucracies, the government just does whatever it wants, then it is up to
the citizen to sue the bureaucracy...In the case of the NSA, their attitude
seems to be they can do all the surveillance they want on anyone they want.
If we don't like it, we are invited to sue.  This is a dangerous


We tend to think of government misbehavior in terms of surveillance and
suppression of its perceived enemies, but recognize that the US government
set up the internet and the US government can tweak it to do whatever it

Imagine you went to find info on a particular topic and the search results
were always filtered by a government agent trying to make sure the results
were fair and balanced.  That agency gets to make the call on the definition
of fair and balanced of course.  Would everyone here be OK with it if you
suddenly noticed 2/3 of your search results are connected in some way to
FoxNews?  To Huffington Post?  Or if you can't seem to get any results from
Reason.com?  What would you do?  How do we know this isn't already being


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