[ExI] social control

Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Thu Aug 21 18:11:50 UTC 2014

Il 21/08/2014 11:31, Anders Sandberg ha scritto:

> Of course, smart governments try to keep people from boiling over and
> are researching ways of social control. The problem here might be
> diffusion: those techniques will also become known to opposing groups in
> time. The real issue how they scale: can a nucleus of some dissenters
> (not necessarily coordinated) subvert the stabilization program? A lot
> hinges on scaling properties in economics, surveillance and memetics,
> and it is not clear how they actually look. Worth investigating.

The resistance become not a direct confrontation with the government but 
an indirect attack to its power base.

You do not use violence against the government or its allies and agents, 
you take away a bit a a time (in an exponential mode it work better) 
what the government need to function.

Even Hitler could not force Germans to stop smoking and not even Stalin 
could force Russian to stop drinking. Neither could make them work hard 
enough to match the US productivity.


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