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>…Spike, the trick is to get your other friends to order books for your friends, in exchange for you ordering  books for them. So I can order the erotic stuff for your friends so you don't have to be embarrassed, and you can order the lefty political stuff for my friends so I don't have to get adverts for Piketty…Anders Sandberg, Future of Humanity Institute Philosophy Faculty of Oxford University



OK cool thanks for the offer Anders.  Next time I need to order erotic gifts for my friends, I will drop you an email with my bitcoins and such.


Hey that gives me an idea.  We get a group of friends together and everyone signs up for some sensitive subject they don’t mind the NSA knowing about that person buying.  We get the local bachelor to buy all the porn aimed at hetero men, the group bachelorette to order all the erotic male stuff for anyone who wants it, get a chemist to order anything that looks like it belongs in the Anarchist Cookbook and so forth.  Then when it comes up in court such questions as “Please sir, why did you buy 28 copies of ‘Nekkid Space Babes from Outer Space’?” the answer will be “I am the designated buyer for that genre.  It is big in my social circles.  Green Orion animal women are quite popular.”  


I, on the other hand, would be most abashed, if I am under oath and must confess I rewound and watched the whole green chick and Kirk scene (episode 69, Whom the Gods Destroy, season three) so many times the tape wore out in that spot.  Hey it was the days before we could do the same thing on YouTube without wearing out anything.  Life is good.


Regarding internet privacy, I am having acceptable results by allowing a couple dozen people use my internet account.  As it turns out, one of the previous criminal cases where the prosecutors brought in Google searches as evidence ended up springing a pretty obviously guilty defendant by having the defense point out they had no proof the defendant was the one doing the searches.  So be a couple dozen people.  Have your friends post stuff to chat groups using your email account.  


You don’t know if I wrote this or someone else did.








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