[ExI] Hal Finney being cryopreserved now

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Hal will be missed. At least until we figure out cryoresuscitation.


I just noticed (via James Clement) the Forbes story about him from earlier this year, which contains some nice sentiments:


Anders Sandberg, Future of Humanity Institute Philosophy Faculty of Oxford University





Anders and you other guys from a long time ago, remember Hal posting stuff about the Bitcoin concept back in the 1990s?  Those were fun exciting times.  I have missed that for a while, but in the last couple years I get the unexplainable feeling that another wave of anticipation of new cool fun stuff is about to crash upon us.  I don’t even have a specific example of what I mean, but it just feels like the early days of the internet, when a lot of us were discovering all the cool uses and new possibilities.


Anders your effective philanthropy conference really lit up those feelings.



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