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Anders and you other guys from a long time ago, remember Hal posting stuff about the Bitcoin concept back in the 1990s?  Those were fun exciting times.  I have missed that for a while, but in the last couple years I get the unexplainable feeling that another wave of anticipation of new cool fun stuff is about to crash upon us.  I don’t even have a specific example of what I mean, but it just feels like the early days of the internet, when a lot of us were discovering all the cool uses and new possibilities.


Anders your effective philanthropy conference really lit up those feelings.

I think one thing that is happening now is that some people who were around in the 90s now have made it big - and even those of us who have merely become staid pillars of society were deeply influenced by the ideas that were brewing back then. That means that now there is a second generation of futurists on our wavelength, supported to some extent by the first generation. The same thing for technology: a lot of platforms have been created, and now we are starting to explore them - the WWW might be way less exciting than in the 90s, but now it forms a useful backbone on which the weird bitcoin platforms might run; the clouds have settled, making big data and deep learning possible. We still don't know what they will actually be good for, but there is enormous potential here. 

Anders Sandberg, Future of Humanity Institute Philosophy Faculty of Oxford University
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