[ExI] blue screen = hard disk crash?

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### C'mon, Daily Kos as a source of information?





Ja.  The Great American left should be outraged.  Apparently the IRS targeted some of these left-wing groups even more than the Tea party.  For some mysterious reason, these left-leaning groups don’t seem to be too bothered about it.  Perhaps it is because the president already called the whole thing a phony scandal.  Subsequently the IRS apologized for a real scandal he had already declared phony.  He had already said there was not a smidgen of corruption when the IRS admitted corruption.  After all this, we still don’t know why the former IRS director took the fifth.  We still have them holding to the absurd story that the evidence was lost in a series of hard disk crashes, yet they refuse help from an independent organization to recover the email.  Sounds like at least a smidgen of corruption to me.


So interesting is this: the IRS can do any corrupt thing they want, including influencing elections.  Then when caught, all they need to do is offer a lame apology and it all goes away?  The former IRS director was found in contempt of congress.  But what are the negative consequences?  She is retired.  What are the incentives to not repeat the behavior?  None that I can tell.  Now, if you or I get an audit, the IRS can arbitrarily declare us guilty, with or without solid evidence.  We can’t just make it all go away by taking the fifth or apologizing.


See the problem?



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