[ExI] blue screen = hard disk crash?

William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 17:34:29 UTC 2014

> Ja.  The Great American left should be outraged.  Apparently the IRS
> targeted some of these left-wing groups even more than the Tea party.  For
> some mysterious reason, these left-leaning groups don’t seem to be too
> bothered about it.  Perhaps it is because the president already called the
> whole thing a phony scandal.  Subsequently the IRS apologized for a real
> scandal he had already declared phony.  He had already said there was not a
> smidgen of corruption when the IRS admitted corruption.  After all this, we
> still don’t know why the former IRS director took the fifth.  We still have
> them holding to the absurd story that the evidence was lost in a series of
> hard disk crashes, yet they refuse help from an independent organization to
> recover the email.  Sounds like at least a smidgen of corruption to me.
> So interesting is this: the IRS can do any corrupt thing they want,
> including influencing elections.  Then when caught, all they need to do is
> offer a lame apology and it all goes away?  The former IRS director was
> found in contempt of congress.  But what are the negative consequences?
> She is retired.  What are the incentives to not repeat the behavior?  None
> that I can tell.  Now, if you or I get an audit, the IRS can arbitrarily
> declare us guilty, with or without solid evidence.  We can’t just make it
> all go away by taking the fifth or apologizing.
> See the problem?
> spike
> ​Here is what I want to know:  just where in the world is a place where
> this sort of thing does not happen?  Where is there a government that is
> not corrupt, where everyone does not practice any sort of politics or
> stealing or padding expenses like the military industrial complex Ike
> warned us against?  We (USA) surely are among the best of a bad lot.  Why
> are we humans a bad lot you ask?  Cobbled together design.  We need to
> start designing ourselves - only answer to get rid of bad genes.  You can't
> imprison or shoot them all, no matter how much you may anticipate ecstasy
> from doing so.​
​bill w​

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