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Tue Jul 15 17:34:02 UTC 2014

> We think of freedom of religion as having to do with a bunch of
> white-headed saints praying in some stained-glass building, but I wouldn’t
> be surprised if someday something we hold sacred is protected by the first
> amendment freedom of religion.  Like it or not, freedom of religion
> protects us all.
> spike

​This may be profound or maybe just mindnumbingly obvious:  what we really
want is to be left alone, and that means with our thoughts, our beliefs,
and most particularly, our superstitions and irrationalities​
​.  We are run by our emotions more than anything else, despite our
rational veneer, and those we do not, cannot change​
​ without becoming someone else.  How's that for an existential Tuesday?​

​We hold dear the right to be wrong and not have our government try to make
us all the same, as in those countries who try to suppress dissent, the
press, etc.​

 they are above the law, nothing bad happens to them.  But something bad
happens to us.​

​I suspect a lot which we may never know until books are written decades in
the future about the CIA, NRA, IRS, etc. is going on behind the scenes,
including some kicking ass​ of the "What were you thinking" variety.  But
publicly?  Nothing.  Buried deep, political.

bill w

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