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>…  what we really want is to be left alone, and that means with our thoughts, our beliefs,  and most particularly, our superstitions and irrationalities​…




Faith perches safely above the reach of ravenous reason.  (spike Jones 2014)


 they are above the law, nothing bad happens to them.  But something bad happens to us.​


​>…I suspect a lot which we may never know until books are written decades in the future about the CIA, NRA, IRS, etc. 


BillW, if we fail today, there will be no books written decades in the future about any of the above, nor about us.


>…  But publicly?  Nothing.  


Ja.  I want publicly everything.  Let the light shine on this corrupt bunch of tyrants.


>…Buried deep, political.  bill w


We need to dig it all up, now.  If not now, then never.  We can still save ourselves from utter tyranny, but this might very well be our last chance, while we are enjoying  the most transparent administration in history, without a smidgen of corruption.  The commander in chief himself assured us of these things, so it must be true, period.  spike

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