[ExI] Slowly moving important questions into the mainstream [Was: new names]

Brian Manning Delaney listsb at infinitefaculty.org
Tue Jul 22 07:49:39 UTC 2014

El 2014-07-21 16:46, Anders Sandberg escribió:

> Brian Manning Delaney<listsb at infinitefaculty.org> , 21/7/2014 3:50 PM:

> Any useful comments?

Alas, no, nothing we haven't heard before. But at least there WAS a 
discussion. Given time, it should evolve into something interesting.

>     The role of the philosopher is still fundamentally Socratic in my view:
>     getting people to question what they think they know. So, Socratically
>     well done, Anders!
> Thanks! Now I better check my food for hemlock :-)

Indeed! Plenty of city (academy) elders will be feeling nervous and 


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