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William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 22 19:14:59 UTC 2014

​Should we strive for a world where there's a layer that allows complete
privacy and anonymity and freedom to access any content we want or should
we instead strive for a society where nothing's hidden, not even our
thoughts and everything's freely accessed? It would promote honesty and
make criminal thoughts or activities harder to commit but at the same time
the idea of losing all privacy seems unappealing.

What are extropians thoughts on the matter? I'm curious.

>From Bill W:

I would favor no privacy at all, but I think I'd be in the minority.  I
have done things, mainly as a teen, that I am ashamed of, but can talk
about them with anyone who could put those things in context.

It would take a major change in those of Victorian moralities to give up
privacy.  If they liked crossdressing, for instance, I'll bet they want
very few people to know.

Is a bit of larceny built into all of us?  Yes.  And those who steal (yes,
Spike, including those who try to rip off the IRS - not you of course) will
value privacy.

Then there are just some of us who are ashamed of being an animal with
animal's needs.  Diseases of excretory and sexual functions are common but
most people hide them.  Nothing to be ashamed of I say, but then I am
different, though even I would not go there on a first date.

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