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>…Is a bit of larceny built into all of us?  Yes.  And those who steal (yes, Spike, including those who try to rip off the IRS - not you of course) will value privacy.


BillW, I am not a particularly a privacy advocate, in fact I lean toward openness.  But I am an openness fanatic when it comes to government employees.  Government jobs carry the risk of enormous power, which always results in you-know-what.  So I would propose that all government bureaucrats’ email communications, twitter tweets, instant messaging, e-chat, radio, telephone, handwritten notes, smoke signals and subtle facial gestures, all of it be made public domain.

The light would shine like a laser, and it would result in the most transparent administration in history.


People ripping off the IRS is a problem.  The IRS ripping off people is a bigger problem.  Openness is the solution.




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