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​Agreed that I don't see exactly how does it impact the collective of
humanity to start doing what should have been done years ago.

​It's true that it costs money to protect the environment but by generating
a culture of conservation we ensure that not only our general surroundings
are better to live in (or climate deniers also deny that cities with too
many cars and factories get filled with smog?) but we also reduce the
amount of waste we have to deal with (plastics that take decades to
degrade, nuclear waste, chemical and biological hazards). It also helps if
we reduce the amount of resources and regulate the expansion of cities so
that we can maintain the flora and fauna from which we feed and draw
inspiration from.

That's something I don't get about climate deniers. Even if we weren't the
cause for global warming, what's so wrong about creating recycling programs
or establishing flora and fauna protected areas? What do they propose
instead, to keep polluting the environment and throwing our trash
everywhere (even space, which brings to mind a Futurama episode where
mankind threw their garbage to space and it came back as a huge ball trying
to stomp them, LOL) so that even other planets get polluted as we expand
through the universe?

I think before leaving the planet we must generate a culture of
conservation and try to have the least negative impact on our environment.

*"Nuestras aspiraciones son nuestras posibilidades" - Robert Browning*
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