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> That's something I don't get about climate deniers. Even if we weren't the cause for global warming, what's so wrong about creating recycling programs or establishing flora and fauna protected areas? What do they propose instead, to keep polluting the environment and throwing our trash everywhere (even space, which brings to mind a Futurama episode where mankind threw their garbage to space and it came back as a huge ball trying to stomp them, LOL) so that even other planets get polluted as we expand through the universe?
> I think before leaving the planet we must generate a culture of conservation and try to have the least negative impact on our environment.

I definitely oppose hysteria about climate change, even if it's true and even if it's a problem. You can't conduct science in such a state of mind, never mind find solutions. 

It's not a culture of conservation that I object to, but the power grab by quasi-communists, or the "Red Greens" who took over the Environmental Movement after Marxism was discredited as a progressive ideology. This is ironic, as Communist states universally trashed their environments; yet certain special interests groups want to impose statist solutions. That is lunacy.

I am an Environmentalist, and I wouldn't classify myself as a "denier", but I admit, I don't give a fig about Global Warming. My worry is the annihilation of biodiversity. That used to be an issue for real environmentalists, but as most of the rain forests are in tropical nations, it proved an insufficient stick to beat against capitalist nations in the temperate north. Reducing carbon foot print size, on the other hand, while it does nothing to save rare species, is a great tool for a minority international lobbyists and big business interests to impose transnational laws devised by unelected officials upon democracies. Again, even if all the science of global warming is true, that's a huge swindle and a danger to democratic accountability.

And finally, suppose that Global Warming is happening, that doesn't make it bad.  As warm climates are more biodiverse than cold, no one has yet given me a persuasive answer as to why I, or any other Environmentalist, should oppose Global Warming, even if it's quite real.

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