[ExI] ​Existential hysteria

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Tue Jul 29 15:43:23 UTC 2014

On Sun, Jul 27, 2014 Angel Arturo Ramirez Suárez <
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> It's true that it costs money to protect the environment

Yes, and money is not an infinite resource so it should be used wisely.

> by generating a culture of conservation we ensure that not only our
> general surroundings are better to live in (or climate deniers also deny
> that cities with too many cars and factories get filled with smog?) but we
> also reduce the amount of waste we have to deal

Energy efficiency is always a good idea but it will not reduce overall
energy usage because it can mean doing the same thing with less energy OR
doing more things with the same energy; and people will almost always pick
the second option. And nobody denies that cities filled with smog is bad,
and few deny that the climate has gotten slightly warmer over the last
century, but some of us DO deny that this warming represents a existential
threat to life on this planet that we should be willing to pay ANY price to

  John K Clark
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