[ExI] ​Existential hysteria

William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 16:32:27 UTC 2014

Yes, and money is not an infinite resource so it should be used wisely.

we ensure that not only our general surroundings are better to live in (or
> climate deniers also deny that cities with too many cars and factories get
> filled with smog?)
> ​Money is what is driving China to use coal rather than nuclear:  bad for
> the sky at all altitudes​, bad for the city folks' lungs, bad for our West
> coast which gets the smog.

​At any cost?  No.  But we don't need to use the lowest cost thing
possible.  It will cost the Chinese and all the rest huge medical bills for
the pollution-created diseases.  We should not care more about money than
we do about people's health.

bill w​

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