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> ​At any cost?  No.  But we don't need to use the lowest cost thing possible.  It will cost the Chinese and all the rest huge medical bills for the pollution-created diseases.  We should not care more about money than we do about people's health.

China is another example of a country where the power is concentrated in the hands of a few. Unsurprisingly, they are trashing their environment, and therefore wide parts of the planet we share with them. 

But the EU, for instance, by imposing draconian and often ridiculous carbon-limit and other so-called "green" rules on businesses actually drives businesses out of the democracies in Europe (where their pollution can be monitored and managed) into areas of the world where it is much, much worse, because the damage is hidden by authoritarian governments. 

Another example is the pipeline from Canada through the US. It should be perfectly obvious that Canada and the US are better able to build such a system so as to protect the environment, compared to say, the Middle East, where oil resources could be controlled by ISIS, or from Russia, which is controlled by a kleptocracy. Yet Russia is creating propaganda about the supposed "environmental" dangers of the pipeline and feeding these to credulous activists in Europe and America, to try to get people to shut down that pipeline. Of course, Russia doesn't care about the environment, they want to maintain their wealth. Since they've driven away all their real entrepreneurs, it's the only source of big money their state has left. Yet environmentalists fall for this. It's very sad. 

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