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> ​Yea!  and Hear Hear!  But, and it's a big but - people will lie, cheat, steal, murder, in order for other people to think of them what they want them to think.  Just look at the market for plastic surgery, baldness cures and wigs, where the coverup is blatant.  Even very small weaknesses are covered up, increasingly by men as well as women.  
> And if no one had any secrets, what would happen to the main habits, the universal sideline, the obsession of us all:  gossip?  How much money is made from it?  Mega billions.
> So - it just ain't going to happen.​  ​Imagine a male divulging to a potential date, mate, bed partner, that he just loves pornography?  Doesn't matter that porn is loved by nearly all the males and they will understand​.  
> We are born and bred liars, every one of us.

But Spike was not arguing for  no personal privacy, only no GOVERNMENT privacy. An individual citizen's vote must be kept secret, to safeguard democracy; a Representative's vote must be made public for the same reason.

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