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>…But Spike was not arguing for  no personal privacy, only no GOVERNMENT privacy…


Ja, thanks for that clarification.  


>… An individual citizen's vote must be kept secret, to safeguard democracy…Tara Maya


We don’t have ballot privacy now in most cases.  In my voting district we use voting machines (still!).  I have been opposed to that ever since they were introduced.  I understand they are to be retired soon, but not soon enough.  We have biometric face recognition now, we have camera technology sufficiently advanced so that the cameras can be made completely undetectable.  The voter-recognition software could be in the background quietly recording everything, with time stamps.  The machines could be recording everything, with time stamps.  Match the two; anyone with the keys can figure out how we voted.  Certainly political operatives have the motive to know that information; now they have the means.  We cannot prove it isn’t being done, at least in some cases.  I would conclude that it is being done.  


We no longer have a secret ballot or not an assured secret ballot.  We have steadily ramped up the power of the executive branch of government.  We may reap bitter consequences in the foreseeable.




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